#movingtogitlab — 05 Jun, 2018

As you may know, Microsoft acquired GitHub. I was a GitHub user, I didn't contributed to a lot of open source projects, but I used to store and share some personal projects there.

Some time ago I created an account in GitLab, I did that because it's a good open source alternative to GitHub, but laziness stopped me from migrating the projects... Until now.

I don't trust Microsoft, and I use their products only when necessary, so I joined the bandwagon and moved to GitLab. The folks at GitLab are receiving a lot of new users from GitHub, they weren't ready for all this traffic but I'm sure they will solve this quickly.

Regarding the features, I think GitLab is not lacking nothing that I need in a Git service, I also use Gogs on a personal server but since GitLab can host private repos for free I will probably shut it down.

P.S: This site is now hosted on GitLab!