I'm back (again) — 25 Jan, 2018

This website was down for a long time, I got some problems with the domain and I was too lazy to get this up and running again. This time I'm not self hosting the site, I am now using a VPS, I'll probably get a better domain soon.

The other main reason this site was down for so long is that I was busy trying to finish my degree (which I successfully did), some months before I finished the degree I also started working as a developer, I just had no time to post anything.

I now work at Maxdata Software, my job is to develop the Clinidata software, an healthcare solution, this is some really challenging and also quite stressfull work. On top of that I'm focusing on a personal project Pricetracker, this site tracks the prices of products on a variety of portuguese stores.

I will try to post some content often, keep checking Pricetracker, I will be adding other country stores in the future.