A tour through my desktop — 31 Dec, 2016

Hey guys, this will be my last post of 2016!

This time I will show you my desktop, it's not perfect but I'm productive with it.

Let's start with a clean workspace

Clean Workspace

As you can see it looks pretty simple, a top bar with the information and a clean desktop. The bar you see on top is i3bar, the content in the bar is provided by a shell script I made.

Fake busy

Fake Busy

As you may noticed I use a tilling window manager, i3. There's a floating window with screenfetch with some details on my configuration.

I use zsh as my shell, bash is fine too but there are a lot of nice plugins for zsh.

Software in this screenshot:

Other terminal softwares I use:

The Browser - Firefox

Fake Busy

I use firefox with vimperator and stylish (yes, I am a Vim addict).

My Firefox theme is a slightly modified version of Twilly Firefox.css

I will update my dotfiles on github and then I will make a post about my Vim configuration.

Happy new year