Reading feeds in the terminal — 25 Dec, 2016

I live in the terminal and I also like to read my feeds there.

For a long time I used newsbeuter, it was ok, but I didn't like to much and I also wanted to learn how to create nCurses programs, that's why I created simpleRSS.

It's far from finished and certanly far from perfect but it's pretty usable right now.

The feeds can be organized by categories and you can switch through the menus with h,j,k,l just like in vim.

Feeds Screen

Feeds Screen

Articles List

Articles List

Article Reading / Links

Article Links

I plan to support image display with w3mimgdisplay like ranger:

Ranger Image Support

But before that I still need to do a major code revision (that code is a mess) and also implement some features like:

If you are interested in using it or contributing take a look here.