Converting PDF files to HTML

It's a shame that we don't still have a decent PDF reader in Linux, I was in need of a PDF reader that let me copy and paste without messing all the formatting (the Firefox PDF reader didn't worked well) and I didn't want to install a PDF reader with lots of dependencies, I like things simple, that's why I don't use any Desktop Environment, just i3-wm, simple applications, some scripts I've been made and other scripts that I find online.

I've tried XPDF, it's a decent PDF reader but the copy and paste operation is a little weird.

I was tired of PDF readers and I needed a solution, that's when I found poppler, it's a PDF renderer who let's you convert PDF files to other formats.

You can install poppler package in Arch Linux with pacman -S poppler.

I've made a simple script that uses poppler to convert the file to HTML, saves it in /tmp/<filename> and then opens it in your default browser.

#! /bin/bash
# Copyright (C) 2016 Bruno Jesus (aka strang3quark) <>
# Distributed under terms of the MIT license.

PDFFILE=$(basename $PDFPATH);

if [ "$2" == "--format" ]; then

mkdir /tmp/$PDFFILE;

pdftohtml -p $FORMAT $PDFPATH /tmp/$PDFFILE/index.html


The usage is very simple: myfile.pdf - this will remove all the weird formatting myfile.pdf --format - this will keep all the formatting

If you have some alternatives or suggestions please contact me.


This section is still in development.

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