Automatically start Virtual Machine and auto-mount

I love Virtual Machines, they are useful and with them you can do whatever you want without cluttering your main system.

I like to keep my main os as simple as possible, if I want some server software I usually create a Virtual Machine for that.

My workflow to start working with web development was something like this:

  1. Open VirtualBox
  2. Start the virtual machine
  3. Mount the /var/www in the Host OS with SSHFS
  4. Open VIM and start working

I had an alias to mount the /var/www directory but that isn't enough, I still had to open VirtualBox, start the virtual machine and I had to keep the Virtual Machine window open.

Converting PDF files to HTML

It's a shame that we don't still have a decent PDF reader in Linux, I was in need of a PDF reader that let me copy and paste without messing all the formatting (the Firefox PDF reader didn't worked well) and I didn't want to install a PDF reader with lots of dependencies, I like things simple, that's why I don't use any Desktop Environment, just i3-wm, simple applications, some scripts I've been made and other scripts that I find online.

I've tried XPDF, it's a decent PDF reader but the copy and paste operation is a little weird.

I was tired of PDF readers and I needed a solution, that's when I found poppler